About Us

Ansyco was originally founded in 1994 with its main business-focus to address a niche-market in South and Southern Africa, namely the consultation on analyser applications in industrial processes. This service soon escalated to a point where we found ourselves more involved in small to medium turn-key analyser projects, not only in South Africa but also across-border into neighbouring countries. As a result the company’s name was changed in 1998 to Ansyco SA cc.

In order to satisfy the requirements of these applications Ansyco concentrated on evaluating and buying of equipment with cutting-edge technology and low maintenance as core features. The next natural step was to acquire our own range of analysers and extend the analyser service to a “one-stop” operation where Ansyco can not only provide a solution as well the equipment, but also an after-sales service and maintenance contract. Partnerships were systematically formed with several of the leading analyser manufacturers in Europe and Canada to a point where Ansyco is today the sole representative for sub-Sahara of a range of analysers that allows us to coin the phrase: “Let our analysers be the eyes into your process”.

If it can be analysed in a Laboratory, we are confident that we can provide an on-line solution directly in the plant. At present Ansyco have 12 employees, of which most are from a technical background with >60 years combined practical analyser experience. Regular training and technical updates are done both locally as well as abroad at the various suppliers’ premises. Our service-workshop is well-equipped to provide the necessary technical back-up and support for the analysers and other process-instrumentation products we promote, sell and install.